March 9, 2021

Brand Feature: JD Designs

Brand Design and Development for Artist and Humanitarian – Jack Dumala





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Jack Dumala is a Massachusetts-based artist and humanitarian with a true passion for design. As a candidate in RISD’s Masters of Industrial Design Program, Jack will further his impact through his design career- dedicated to helping children and the community through his work.

Jack started with acrylic pieces, then began working with reclaimed materials – using a cabinet door, a book shelf or wooden stools as his canvas. No matter the surface – Jack finds creative ways of drawing inspiration from household items and the world around us. Using a variety of mediums,  he combines vibrant color, texture and energy to create thought-provoking paintings. His current work can be seen in his Etsy Shop.

When creating Jack’s brand I explored bright colors mixed with industrial touches- the finished branding includes a textured font paired with a custom icon design. Warm earth tones combined with bold text give the brand an authentic feel that matches Jack’s unique art and style.

The final Style Guide includes a variety of layouts and options to help bring all the elements of his brand together- from icons, to photos to typography.

Take a look at the final branding below:





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